• Why should you choose CTB?

    CTB was the first talent booking company of its kind, setting the precedent for the industry and remaining the premier agency for 25 years. Our staff is seasoned, well-connected and result-oriented and aim to ensure clients achieve their optimum outcome. If you’re looking to reach the next level, we have the inside knowledge, experience and diligence it takes to do that. Becoming one of our clients gives you access to a team of creative and skilled celebrity talent bookers who will represent your content and manage all exchanges between you and the talent.

  • Who will my CTB team consist of?

    Our staff has a vast amount of experience in all areas including late night and daytime television, podcasts, game shows, sports, music, and radio. Your personalized powerhouse team will comprise a handpicked group of bookers attuned to your outlet's needs and demographic, in order to achieve the best results.

  • How does CTB differ from other agencies?

    We have more experience, knowledge and connections; an advantage that gives us higher status and more credibility in the industry. Our bookers are senior level staff with contacts at every level of entertainment and full access to the key players.

  • How does the booking process work from start to finish?

    Contact us to find out.

  • What are CTB's core values?

    We pride ourselves off of our reputation within the industry, which has been built on teamwork, collaboration and integrity. Our team is committed to delivering you your desired results with the dedication your project deserves.

  • Do you offer any packages or discounts for multiple bookings? 

    Our creativity extends to flexible packages. Contact us for more details.

  • How do you handle last-minute cancellations or replacements?

    Over a quarter century we’re learned the importance of preparing for unforeseen circumstances. Our company ethos means we can rely on the goodwill of those we’ve worked with and who, like us, understand the give and take nature of our business, especially when confronting challenges. In addition, due to our extensive relationship with those in the industry, we might just know who is filming down the road.

  • Can CTB assist with international talent bookings? 

    We are a company that is working across all timezones. We have bookers in Los Angeles and New York, our London branch is there to handle European clients.

  • How do you ensure the talent is a good fit for our brand/show?

    We pride ourselves on our extensive databases that span every category imaginable. Not only do we help our clients construct a list collaboratively, but we also consult with them at every stage, offering insights and recommendations. Leveraging the vast intelligence we gather daily, by virtue of being at the forefront of promotional information exchange, we identify unique opportunities in the marketplace that align seamlessly with your brand or show. Our collaborative approach ensures that the talent we suggest resonates with your vision and goals, making for a harmonious and effective partnership.

  • What are the typical contract terms and payment structures?

    Schedule a call with us here to find out more information.

  • How do you handle confidentiality and privacy concerns?

    We deal with sensitive and confidential information on a daily basis; trust is at the core of all our relationships and our credibility depends on discretion.

  • Can I review testimonials from past clients?

    We are proud of our track record and would be delighted if you read what our clients have to say about us, here.

  • How do you stay up to date with the ever-evolving industry?

    We live and breathe celebrity and influencer culture! Not only is our staff immersed in the media landscape, but we have a stellar reputation with reps and networks.

  • What's the best way to start a collaboration with CTB?

    Schedule a call with us here.